Phil always had our best interest in mind

Thank you to Phil for all his help and guidance. It was a great experience and a real confidence boost for us. Giri is definitely retiring in July. He is looking forward to a new chapter in his life. From the beginning of our relationship with Phil we felt confident that he always had our best interests in mind and that we could trust his independent judgement and individually tailored professional advice. Phil helped us to map out and implement a strategy to achieve the best outcome for our early retirement. Thanks to Phil’s advice we feel in control of our finances and life in general. The only regret we have is that we wish we had met Phil ten years ago.

Elena & Giri, Sydney

Naomi is approachable, professional and keeps us informed

Naomi is approachable and professional. Since we don’t live in Canberra anymore, it is vital that we can be confident in our long-distance dealings, and Naomi does this very well. She keeps us informed by email or telephone of matters that affect us.

David, Port Macquarie

Getting independent financial advice was one of the smartest things we have ever done

Finally we are confident we can retire debt free with enough money to live the life we dream of. We already had a financial planner, but something didn’t feel quite right, so we asked Phil for a second opinion. We didn’t realise the benefit of getting independent financial advice, but this is one of the smartest things we have ever done. Our only regret is that we didn’t do it sooner. Phil not only gave us a real financial plan, but the savings we made on our personal insurance alone was much more than his fees. We highly recommend Phil.

Michael and Peta, Young

Naomi is personable, clear in her explanations

Naomi is very personable and we appreciate her advice and assistance. She is articulate, clear in her explanations and innovative. We trust her advice.

David, Canberra

Knowledgeable, easy to engage with and high professional

We both found Phil knowledgeable, easy to engage with, and highly professional. Based on our experience we highly recommend his service.

Jill and David, Eden

I continue to be very satisfied with the level of expertise and guidance offered by Naomi

Ian, Queanbeyan

Phil’s help and advice has been invaluable

Trying to navigate the financial landscape can be very confusing. So Phil’s help and advice have been invaluable in helping me put a plan in place to ensure I can retire comfortably.

Tammy, Maitland

Helping us through the minefield of retirement income with patience and humour

Naomi assists with our questions in the minefield of retirement income with much patience and humour. Much appreciated.

Phil, Canberra

Phil’s advice was clear and easy to understand

We asked Phil to help us simplify our superannuation and other investments. He very methodically assembled our information and took a lot of care to make sure he understood our circumstances and priorities before providing us with written advice. The advice we received was very clear and easy to understand and we have no reservations about adopting it; in fact, we are now in the process of changing our investment strategies consistent with Phil’s recommendations. We would recommend Phil highly to prospective clients.

Fiona and Graham, Campbell

We found Phil knowledgeable, professional and easy to talk to

We found Philip to be knowledgeable and professional, and he was excellent at guiding us through the process. Importantly, he is easy to talk to. We highly recommend his services.

Nicole and Marcus, Bungendore

You put us at ease and were very understanding

Thank you to Phil for helping Trevor with his retirement plan. It is very much appreciated by him and has helped in clearing everything up immensely. I highly recommend Phil to anyone who is unsure of how to proceed with their retirement. His patience was remarkable dealing with people who know virtually nothing in this area, he put us at ease immediately and was very understanding. Once again thank you.

Maria and Trevor, Tumut

Naomi is a confident and competent adviser

Mal, Tee Gardens

We now have a well-researched investment strategy that we can manage ourselves

We recently chose to work with Phil to assist us to better manage our investment money and we have to say, that he was expert in his knowledge and professional in his approach. We were very impressed with his meticulous approach to gathering information prior to receiving his recommendations on a suitable investment path for us to take. We were guided in a way that allowed us to manage our investments personally but with some early guidance from Phil allowing us to be in control which is working out very well for us. Given our experience, we can highly recommend his services to you.

Joe and Robyn, Bungendore