Financial advice fees

As independent financial advisers, we go above and beyond what 99% of financial advisers do to ensure we provide advice that is conflict-free and unbiased. We take our commitment to working in our clients’ best interest extremely seriously, which is why:

  • You will get back 100% of the commissions we receive from any of the products we recommend
  • You will not be charged based on a percentage of the funds you have to invest
  • You will never be asked to invest in a product that our employer or anyone connected to us has a financial interest in
  • You will be able to terminate our relationship whenever you like

​Our fees are split into three different categories and will depend on the complexity of the work that is involved. We will let you know the cost at the end of the Financial Health Check meeting.

​Where you require advice on insurance, we will ensure this is included in any quotes we provide. The benefit of paying directly for your insurance is the ongoing premiums are significantly cheaper. Unfortunately, many financial planners collect a commission for advice on insurance. This means that the more insurance they ‘recommend’, the more money they make. While getting paid a commission when selling insurance is legal, we believe this is a conflict of interest and not in your best interest.

Initial advice fees

These fees are for helping you develop your financial strategy and include product recommendations. The type of strategy you require will vary depending on your particular needs, goals, and objectives and how comprehensive you want your plan to be!

Implementation fees

The most important part of developing a plan is implementing it. Implementation takes time and careful execution of important paperwork and forms. This can sometimes be difficult.

Some of the things that will be done during implementation include:

  • Account establishment – super/pensions/investment
  • Simplifying complex SMSF structures
  • Superfund rollovers
  • Investment selection
  • Re-weight existing portfolio – super/investments
  • Set up of online client portals
  • Dollar cost-averaging implementation
  • Insurance policy applications and supporting documentation
  • Negotiating special terms & conditions with insurance companies
  • Letters to fund managers, platforms, and insurance companies
  • Liaising with legal or accounting experts to help you best manage your estate or minimise your tax

Ongoing advice fees

While it is important to get yourself on the right track, it is just as important to stay there. Our ongoing advice is aimed at making sure our clients give themselves the best chance of achieving their goals with the least amount of stress possible. The benefits of ongoing financial advice are both tangible and non-tangible.

A 2020 survey showed the value of financial advice. Out of the respondents who participated and received financial advice:

  • 91% found financial advice helped them to achieve their financial goals
  • they experienced levels of overall personal happiness 13% greater than those who didn’t receive financial advice
  • they were 21% more likely to feel an overall increase in peace of mind 

Meanwhile, those who don’t receive financial advice were:

  • 22% more likely to have their sleep disrupted due to money concerns
  • 19% more likely to have arguments with loved ones
  • 15% more likely to feel stress and anxiety
  • 11% more likely to feel concerned about their finances.

Our ongoing fees are flat fees, charged monthly, and are based on a number of factors, including the complexity of likely ongoing advice and the frequency of progress meetings. You will always have the ability to terminate this agreement if you choose.