Independent financial advisers work in your best interest

Independent financial advisers make up less than one per cent of all financial advisers in Australia. Only independent financial advisers have removed all conflicts of interest and practice without possible influence from commissions or other financial incentives.

1. We are free from ownership links with product providers = you are guaranteed impartial advice

We are free from links to any bank or financial institution and, as a result, are also free from any conflict of interest and able to offer impartial advice. We do not own anything, so you can rest assured we will never try to sell you anything. Just as a Mazda dealer would not recommend you buy a new Subaru, a financial adviser who works for a financial institution will not recommend you invest in their competition’s products.

Most advisers have a limited list of products they recommend. Many of these products are either owned by their employer, or they have received a financial incentive to include them on their product list. On the other hand, we are not limited by what we can recommend and will focus on what best meets our clients’ goals. We also regularly recommend low-fee products such as index funds and industry super funds.

2. We do not take commissions = you will only incur costs that are upfront and transparent

Independent financial advisers do not accept any commissions or receive any financial incentive for any products they recommend. By not accepting commissions, we remove a conflict of interest that many still operate with. We can always act in your best interest.

Any commissions are ultimately paid for by the consumer. Because we do not accept commissions, all life insurance premiums are around 30% cheaper than you would normally pay.

3. We do not charge asset-based fees = you can be confident you will receive conflict-free recommendations

We don’t base our fees on how much you invest. We tell you upfront what our fees are going to be.

If you have over $1 million to invest, this is more than likely a savings of $10,000 plus a year on top of any other fees and charges you pay your financial adviser.