We provide independent financial advice to ensure you are able to do the things you want in your retirement.

Most Australians can expect to have 20 or 30 years in retirement. It is important that you plan for how much you will need to have saved to fund the things you want to do. Most retirees get income from at least a couple of sources including super, other investments and the age pension.

Retirement planning involves looking at your current assets, how much you can save between now and retirement and then how best to use these assets to maximise your retirement income. For example we may look at how downsizing the family home will impact the age pension that you will receive; or how making additional contributions to Super will boost your retirement income.

As people head towards retirement, we will look at whether they can make a transition into retirement by working less hours. This can not only improve the short-term quality of life, but can also be done without sacrificing anything over the longer term.

Finally, we also look at how your needs may change over time. For example, you may spend more on travel in the early retirement years, but more on healthcare in later years.

We provide one-off retirement planning advice to help people put in place a strategy for having the best retirement they can.