I am writing this article from a hospital bed, and as such, I dedicate it to all of our wonderful first responders. In particular the local paramedics including Frank, Jo, Claire, and Andrew.

The last few months have been a real wake up call for me personally. Up until earlier this year, I was relatively healthy and had visions of immortality.

In June this year, this all came crashing down. Firstly, I had a ruptured disc in my back that required surgery. Then just as I was recovering I had a heart attack that led me to where I am now, which is waiting for surgery to get a defibrillator pacemaker.

Now the point of this article isn’t to focus on my health. Instead, it is to remind you (and me) that it is important we all do whatever we can to make the most of our lives.

Making the most out of life

I am not on my deathbed, but having dealt with clients that are or have been, it is not unusual to see them assess their life and to have some regrets. It seems that regrets often fall into one of the following categories. They wished they didn’t work as hard as they did; or prioritised family more or had put more effort into staying in touch with their friends; or took life less seriously; or had the courage to express their true self; or followed their dreams more.

So what can we do? There are a few really easy things we can all do.

life is short - make the most of it
Getting the balance right

Firstly, have the right work life balance. This doesn’t necessarily mean working three days a week. I think this is more about not letting work consume your thoughts when you are supposed to be having down time. For example, if you are kicking the football, or playing boardgames, concentrate just on that activity. Be present. This is often easier said than done (especially if you are a business owner), but it is a good step.


Secondly, make an effort to make at least one social connection every day. This could be something as little as sending a text message to an old friend, or dropping in to visit a friend for a catchup. Research shows that making frequent social connections makes people feel better and improves mental health.

Finding the joy in life

Thirdly, find something to laugh at every day. It could be watching a funny video, watching your dogs play ball, or just taking some time to observe your kids while they are playing. It doesn’t matter what it is, as long as you feel good.

Having goals and progressing them

Finally, make time to think about something you really want to do and then plan to do it. It doesn’t matter how big or small it is, but set aside at least 5 minutes every day to make sure you are doing something about it.

Don’t let life pass you by. Make the most of it.

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About the Author
Phil Harvey is an independent financial adviser. In 2017 Phil set up his company Construct Wealth to help clients best manage their finances so they focus on what is important to them. He is a founding member of the Profession of Independent Financial Advisers and a tax financial adviser, registered with the Tax Practitioners Board.

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