Another year gone. Another decade gone.

This is my last article for year, and I would like to take this time to wish you all a safe and joyous Christmas and New Year.

This article doesn’t have anything to do with building wealth or the tax advantages of super. It is about something way more important than that. You, your health and your happiness.

December for most people is a busy time. Between Christmas parties, finishing off work, buying presents and preparing for any family gatherings, there isn’t much time left. So, my advice in this article is to make sure you take a holiday over the next month or so. It may sound a bit dramatic, but your life depends on it.

While holidays are different for everyone, the main thing is you do something that is enjoyable and stress free. It doesn’t even need to be that long. Psychologist Francine Lederer says that most people have better life perspective and are more motivated to achieve their goals after a holiday, even if it is only a 24-hour time-out.

To wrap up the year, I will leave you with seven reasons you should take a holiday this Summer.

  1. It reduces your risk of having a heart attack. A long-term project run by the Boston University found that men who skip their annual holiday more than once have a 30% increased risk of having a heart attack.
  2. Your mental health improves. Feelings of calm arise from time away from work and relieve stress, which allows the body and mind to heal in ways that it couldn’t if it were still under pressure.
  3. You will be in a better mood. A study found that three days after vacation, the participants physical complaints, quality of sleep, and mood had improved as compared to before vacation. These gains were still present five weeks later.
  4. It will increase your mental power. After a holiday, it has been shown that people often return more focused and productive.
  5. Improved family life and friendships. Spending time enjoying life with your family or friends helps keep your relationships strong and healthy. A US study found that women who took holidays were more satisfied with their marriages.
  6. You will be more productive at work. Workers who take regular time to relax are less likely to experience burnout. They are more creative and productive than their overworked, under-rested counterparts.
  7. You and your family or friends will have some wonderful memories. You have probably heard the saying “on their death bed, nobody wishes they’d worked more.” Of all the funerals I have been to, very few of them even mentioned the persons work. All the reminiscing and photos are usually about the wonderful memories created when they were on holidays.

So enjoy your holidays and travel safely. I very much look forward to seeing what the 2020’s have in store for everyone.

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Phil Harvey is an independent financial adviser. In 2017 Phil set up his company Construct Wealth to help clients best manage their finances so they focus on what is important to them. He is a founding member of the Profession of Independent Financial Advisers and a tax financial adviser, registered with the Tax Practitioners Board.

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