Are your big expenses stopping you from being financially independent?

2024-04-23T16:38:09+10:00January 12, 2024|

We know that our expenses generally fall into one of three categories. Critical – Rates, rent, mortgage, other debts, electricity, gas, insurance and phones. We have a pretty good idea of what these are going to cost. Needs – Food and [...]

Are you doing everything needed to create financial independence?

2024-02-06T11:57:38+11:00September 1, 2023|

One of the first things we do with clients is get a picture of where they are. There are 10 key areas we believe are critical to achieving financial independence. In this article I will go through the first five. Have [...]

Find your own path to financial independence

2024-02-06T11:57:43+11:00April 10, 2023|

Nearly everyone that comes to me for independent financial advice wants to achieve financial independence. However, everyone defines financial independence differently because everyone wants to live differently. Achieving financial independence is easier than most people think, but there are several common mistakes [...]

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