Independent financial advice in Canberra

Do you have the right personal insurance? Will your loved ones be looked after if something happens to you?

Personal insurance is an integral part of any wealth management strategy.

Just as you should insure all of your other assets (ie your house or car), it is more important to insure your most valuable asset. You.

Personal insurance is one of those things we all should have, but we never want to use. However, if the time comes and you or one of your dependents need to make a claim, at least you know they will be ok financially.

We are independent financial advisers and do not take any commissions from any product providers. This makes your annual premiums around 20% cheaper every year.

We provide access to all insurance providers and can help you with:

  • Life insurance
  • TPD [total and permanent disability] insurance
  • Trauma insurance
  • Income protection

If you think your insurance is either too high or too low, contact Phil Harvey on 0417034252 or email at