How we share information securely

For us to help you, we need to get a complete understanding of your financial situation. The more accurate the information we have, the more useful our advice will be in helping you achieve your goals. However, it is important that you always keep your personal and especially financial information secure.

MyProsperity is an online portal we use to share information in a safe bank-encrypted technology environment. Through your secure MyProsperity portal, you can provide and upload any relevant information that would be useful for us to know or see (e.g. payslips, recent superannuation fund statements, loan statements, investment summaries, personal insurance policies or wills). Likewise, we can share documents with you in a secure environment.

You can view MyProsperity via an online portal or download it as an app on your mobile device.

Take control with your personal wealth portal

While you engage us, you can also use the MyProsperity personal wealth portal to help you personally organise and analyse your finances. As a ready-only service, the personal wealth portal is designed to help you keep track of your finances, your income, spending and asset value, including super, shares and property – in one place and with the option of doing so in ‘real-time’.

  • Keep your finances organised: From property and bank accounts, insurance, estate planning and super, keep your finances in one place.
  • Get a live snapshot of your entire financial world: Keep track of everything you own and owe with a live view of your personal finances.
  • Track and create health spending habits: Track your spending habits and create new ones with easy-to-use cashflow and budgeting features.
  • Be confident your information is safe: Using the same level of layered and 256-bit encryption security that banks use, your private details are secure and cannot be used to move or modify funds.